I am an NYC Photographer, who fell in love with photography twenty-five years ago. I have traveled throughout the world and over the years I discovered the power of storytelling through pictures.  I love telling people’s stories, capturing the most important moments in their lives, and leaving them with the everlasting photographs of those fleeting moments.  I’m invested in every shoot that I do and strive to give my clients a great experience.

I started my career in special effects, founding a 3-D animation and hardware company in Los Angeles called Motion Media and had spent decades studying and understanding photography, video, audio, and computer hardware and software, and the interplay between them. I am extremely passionate about learning and sharing my knowledge, and I provide consulting for both professionals and amateurs alike.

I am also an inventor. My vast technical knowledge and experience and fascination with visual imagery merged and resulted in my inventing the innovative SpinLight 360® Modular System, a system I am very proud of, which is used by photographers throughout the world.  I teach lighting and the SpinLight 360® and do speaking engagements for photographers as well.

Thank you for visiting my site.  You can follow me on Instagram @shapir